Stu Helm: Food Fan
Stu Helm: Food Fan
Episode 106: Tastings, Pastries, Poetry & Pizza in Western North Carolina

Episode 106: Tastings, Pastries, Poetry & Pizza in Western North Carolina

Cute Little Ol' Marshall, NC is Featured in a conversation with a Baker/Poet Team!


TODAY’S PODCAST was originally broadcast by WPVM 103.7fm on Friday, March 17, 2023, and features a conversation with baker Shawn Ivy & poet Ryan Ashley from the tiny, unique & adorable bakery & vintage shop in Marshall, NC called Ivy & The Poet.

I also got a visit from The Pizza Guy, Drew Peterson from Asheville Pizza South, and I talked with a couple of my fellow food bloggers, as well as co-owner Maggie Rogers at a media tasting I attended at The Loott House recently.

THE PIZZA GUY IS HERE: I got that pie of the month from Drew Peterson and Asheville Pizza South! This month it’s an everything bagel pizza with cream cheese, capers, red onions and smoked salmon!

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Fish on a pizza?!? Yes. Fish on a pizza. Dawn & I ate it hot, warm, and cold, and this crazy pizza was frickin’ great every time! Thanks, Drew! 🙏❤️🔥

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Now, since this was the Pizza of the Month for March, and this newsletter is coming out on March 31st, you done missed it already, but please follow Drew and Asheville Pizza South on Instagram to see what they’ve got in store for April!

AFWBIMP AT LOOTT HOUSE: My AVL Food Writers, Bloggers & Indie Media People group went to a massive tasting at Loott House last week, and wow! They brought out a ton of food for us to try. Even though the restaurant is relatively new, their Loott House burger is already legendary, and I could see why! Good gahd. It’s everything I’d ever want from a burger, done just right.

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The Swannanoa Cheesesteak is new to menu and I think it’s the stuff of future legends. The steak is shaved very thin, the onions and peppers are grilled until charred on the edges, the cheese sauce is 100% on point and the whole thing adds up to one hell of a delicious sando! I helped name it! I suggested a name on the podcast, and it turned-up on the menu!

The Brussels sprouts were a surprise favorite dish among the AVL Food Writers, Bloggers & Indie Media People in attendance! Cooked perfectly, tossed in in a tangy dressing, and topped with pickled onions and pistachio dust, this dish was super delicious, and everyone loved it! When you go to Loott House yourselves, be sure to order the sprouts!

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They also served us a fried fish hoagie, a grilled cheese and pear sandwich, a delicious fresh cold cuts sandwich, a big fresh salad, some very tasty chicken wings, and a giant pile of their loaded french fries!

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Everything we tried at the Loott House was very tasty and delicious! Speaking for myself, I can highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who enjoys burgers, bBrussels & Cheesesteaks for sure, so for all the eaters out there, the next time you’re in Swannanoa, pop in the Loott House, and tell them Stu sent you!

Why does “Loott House” have two T’s? You’ll have to listen to my interview with Maggie on the podcast to find out!

HUFFPO: Thanks for reaching out to me, HuffPost! It was an honor to be invited to contribute to your article about Asheville. I know that half of the locals are going to hate me for telling the rest of the world about our “secrets,” but the restaurants I mentioned shared the article, so I don’t think they mind. 😉

“It would be a big mistake not to visit the restaurants in West Asheville. Some of the best chefs in America have opened venues along Haywood Road and Patton Ave. Tastee Diner, Neng Jr.’s, and Little Louie’s are the hottest new spots in Asheville, and longtime local favorites like Sunny Point Café, Rockys Hot Chicken Shack, Gan Shan West, HOLE - Hot Doughnuts and Fresh Coffee and The Hop Ice Cream never disappoint. There are tons of eating options over there on the other side of the river and it would be a real mistake to overlook them.” ― Stu Helm, food writer and tour guide

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Stu Helm: Food Fan
Stu Helm: Food Fan
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