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Episode 108: Catching Up w/ Friends & Eating a Freight Train of Food

A Double Tasting at The Odd Leaves the AFWBIMP Group Groaning!

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TODAY’S PODCAST was originally broadcast by WPVM 103.7fm on Friday, March 31, 2023, and features Part 2 of my conversations with Chef Paul Cressend, Chef Sean Ashbridge, and Ivey Lamos. In Part 1, we talked about their friend & co-worker James Shearon, the restaurant worker who was struck and a killed by a hit-and-run driver while riding his bike in Downtown Asheville. In this part I had a more light-hearted conversation with each of my guests about what’s happening in their own corners of our outstanding food scene.

I also talked with the owner of The Odd in West Asheville, Tamy Kuper, and the chef, Ben Hester, who fed me and the AFWBIMP group a freight train of food from their brunch and dinner menus. I hope you will enjoy.


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If you’re looking for someplace to have an amazing brunch this weekend, please consider The Odd on Haywood Road in West Asheville. I went there last week for a tasting with my Asheville Food Writers, Bloggers, and Independent Media People group (AFWBIMP) and wow! Every bite of every dish was exactly what I wanted it to be!

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I will especially recommend their version of a McGriddle with bacon or sausage, egg & cheese between two really fluffy and puffy little griddle cakes! They are particularly excellent, but I’m not even exaggerating when I say that every thing they brought us was totally awesome.

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The empanadas were delicious and flavorful, the pancakes were huge and sweet and filling, the biscuits and gravy were perfect and very comforting, and one of the stars of the day was the eggs Benedict burrito! Which came with a side of hollandaise sauce, to dip it in. It was a very tasty, and unique take on one of my favorite traditional brunch items. They made us nonalcoholic versions of some of their cocktails, but they also have special mocktails, like the Red Rum beverage that I had. It was super yummy! So, yeah, if you’re looking for brunch, go to The Odd!

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On a rainy day you can sit inside the freaky-deaky bar, and on a nice day, they have lots of outdoor seating.

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The people are super fun and nice, the atmosphere is wild, the music is great, and the whole experience is one of the best, and most "Asheville" experiences you can have. If you go, please tell them, Stu Helm sent you!

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AFWBIMP also did a dinner tasting at The Odd on the same day! Ooftah. Lotta food…

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Burgers, cheesesteaks, fried chicken sandwiches, fried pickles, chicken nugs, cauliflower nugs, mac ‘n’ cheese, onion rings, and the most insanely delicious take on a bahn mi sandwich I have ever had. Ever.

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This is FOOD, Y’all. Just the way I fuckin’ like it. Not one bite in these pictures was anything short of fabulously delicious, and those are my true, very strong feelings. Chef Ben Hester is a Master at bar food, and after this tasting, he is definitely a contender for my Chef of The Year award next January.

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Tamy Kuper, the co-owner of The Odd, is a stella cook herself, and she made us her famous Chantilly cake, which was to die for! If you haven’t been to The Odd for food and drinks, get on in. I love everything about this place. ❤️❤️❤️

BUXTON BURGER: I got a yummy brisket burger with a side of delicious savory corn pudding at Buxton Hall Barbecue recently. Exactly what I wanted and needed. 🔥❤️🍔

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Tiffany M: Is it ground and patted like a burger?

Stu Helm: Food Fan: “yes!”

Tiffany M: “It looks amazing. I think I've said before how your Buxton posts made me fall in love with this place.”

Stu Helm: Food Fan: “yay!”

Buxton Hall never fails!

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