Stu Helm: Food Fan
Stu Helm: Food Fan
Episode 117: One Eater's Dream Come True

Episode 117: One Eater's Dream Come True

Plus: WNC's Best Cheesesteak & Hotdog, Thai Comfort Food, and a Bagel

Podcast Contents

Talkin' Tasties w/ Asheville's Newest Food Writer Andy Hall

  1. 00:00 - 05:13 INTRO w/ Tubby Update & Zero Proof at Chow Chow

  2. 05:23 - 30:22 INTERVIEW: Mtn Xpress Food, Arts & Culture Writer Andy Hall

  3. 30:32 - 37:15 MEHHHMORIES: Food Competitions

  4. 37:25 - 46:25 REVIEWS: Thai Food, Cheesesteak, Kimchee Hotdog & a Bagel

  5. 46:25 - 48:10 OUTRO

TUBBY: Folks… You mat be wondering, why I’ve worked so hard to get Tubby, the “unhinged” Duke’s Mayonnaise mascot, to Asheville? Answer: BECAUSE IT’S FUN! And silly, and **I love mascots!** I’ve even been the guy inside the mascot costume, and while being inside of a full mascot suit in the middle of July is the second hottest I’ve ever been in my life, it was still a dream come true.

That’s me, dressed as Banjo the Whistlepig, the mascot for Asheville Flyer for Kids

So, yeah, I love mascots, Tubby is frickin’ hilarious, Asheville could use something that’s pure fun and silliness, and Duke’s was totally willing to play ball, so that’s why I worked to make it happen, and that’s why it’s happening!

So, please, come on down to Pack Square on August 3rd, from 9am - 11am, and watch Tubby meet city council & receive the spatula-shaped key to the city fashioned by artist Zen Sutherland, take pictures, have fun, and be able to say “I was there,” when your children’s children’s grandchildren ask you about the day that Tubby came to town.

LITTLE BEE THAI: I stopped into Little Bee Thai on my way home from work the twice in one week, and had a really tasty meals both times! First, I brought home some stir fried chicken w/ green beans, peppers & onion, as well as white rice and two shrimp & crab rolls, that had cream cheese, like rangoon. Everything was perfect! Exactly what I was craving, right when I was craving it! It hit the spot 100%, and there was enough for me to eat two meals, so I had it again, for lunch the next day.

May be an image of fried rice, chow mein and stir fry
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Just a couple days later, I stopped back into Little Bee on my way from work, and picked up a super delicious order of panang curry with chicken, and two awesome vegetarian spring rolls to bring home. Once again, it was exactly what I wanted right when I wanted it!

More pictures available on Facebook

Little Bee is one of my comfort food favorites now, and that curry is like a big, warm hug to me… with chicken! The veggie spring rolls remind me very much of some I used to eat when I was a kid, so not only do I love the flavor, but they push some nice nostalgia buttons for me.

I got two meals out of this one as well, so I ate Little Bee four times in one week, and honestly, I could have gone back again, it was all so good! Thanks for being there, Little Bee! I appreciate you. 🙏❤️🐓

MANICOMIO: People of Asheville, Behold! Theee best frickin’ cheesesteak I’ve had since Ziggy’s closed down. Not kidding. As I’ve proclaime dint he recent past, Jon Leibowitz at Manicomio Pizza is Asheville’s newest meat master, with his amazing slow-cooked house-made delights like corned beef, pastrami, & brisket, and now this amazing thin sliced cheesesteak!

May be an image of steak
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I got mine with house-made cheez-whiz (also available with provolone) and it was insanely delicious. Go try it, I think you’ll dig it, and while you’re at it… All hail Jon, King of Meats! 🙂🔥❤️

HONEY BADGER BAKES: I went to a fun Honey Badger Bakes bagel pop-up at Botanist & Barrel Tasting Bar + Bottle Shop Asheville on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and had an excellent bagel with cream cheese!

Botanist & Barrel is a hard cider tasting room located on Broadway, right downtown. Honey Badger Bakes is a one-person show, starring Lyndon “Honey Badger” Johnson, who makes hand rolled, kettle boiled, NC style bagels, with love. I just happen to be walking by, saw the fun happening, and got me a dang bagel! I love this town.

THE RANKIN VAULT: One day not long ago, I ran into a couple fancy chefs having a beer at Rankin Vault Lounge and they told me that The Vault’s kimchee hot dog is the best in Asheville. I had never had one, so I went back the very next day and got one.

May be an image of hotdog
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The Chefs know what they’re talkin’ about (of course), because hot dog RÜLED! A 1/4 pound Nathan’s dog, with kimchi, bacon, onion, cilantro & spicy aioli. It bomb AF, and is an instant contender for 2023 Hot Dog of The Year! Thanks, Chefs! Thanks, Vault!

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Stu Helm: Food Fan
Stu Helm: Food Fan
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