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Stu Helm: Food Fan
Episode 131: Stoobies, X-Mas, and a Road Trip

Episode 131: Stoobies, X-Mas, and a Road Trip

Plus: Reviews Out the Wazoo

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Podcast Contents

00:00 - 18:00 INTRO: Stoobies & Buxton, impossible meatloaf, Christmas is coming

18:10 - 32:30 REVIEWS: Sweets & Seats, Session Cafe, OWL bakery, Bargello, Green Tea Sushi, & Olde London Road Food Truck

32:40- 37:15 ROAD TRIP to New York Butcher Shoppe

37:15 - 44:42 PIZZA GUY! Korean Beef


REVIEWS: I stopped into Bear's Smokehouse BBQ on my way home from work the other night, and picked up an impossible meatloaf sandwich and a half dozen wings. YOM! The meatloaf is slightly spicy and very flavorful, I find the texture to be pleasingly consistent, and I always get it with cheese sauce, which is soooo tempting and goopy and good that I think it's made by Satan himself. I ordered the plain wings, which are anything but plain. They have a crispy, salty, skin with the tiniest little black pepper kick, and they're always cooked just right. Thanks, Bear's!

I stopped into Sweets and Seats Cafe the other day for a cappuccino and a honey cream puff. YOM! This is definitely one of my favorite little sweet treats in downtown right now.

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Have y'all been to Sweets & Seats yet? Do you have a favorite item on their menu?

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Every Wednesday is Waffle Wednesday at Session Cafe inside of Citizen Vinyl! I popped in last week just to say hi, I was too busy and too full to eat a waffle, but Chef Cheryl insisted on making me a 1/4 portion to try, and yum! I'm so glad she forced 😉 this sample of a super delicious pumpkin waffle on me! It was perfect. I'll be back as often as possible with my whole appetite for a full-sized helping. See you there!

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I had thee best ham and cheese croissant at OWL Bakery on N. Charlotte Street the other day. I got it heated up, and it was soooo buttery, and hammy, and the cheese was melty and "burnt" and had tons of umami. I enjoyed it very much!

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My nephew got a cardamom bun, which I've had before and is a real "not too sweet" treat. What is your favorite item at OWL Bakery?

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Paddy and I went on another Asheville Food Tours dinner junket, this time to Bargello / District 42, and, wow, we were kinda blown away. First they sent out six little taquitos, that they call Bison Cigars. We ate all six. The bison is from Dr. King's Carolina Bison, and the taquitos were crispy, crunchy, tasty, and tender. They came with chimichurri and sriracha dipping sauces.

Next we ordered the house made ravioli, with wild mushroom & chevre, creamy parsnip, pink peppercorn chive dough, roasted beets, herbed brown butter, and crispy mushrooms. Holy. Moly. This is one of the best dishes I've eaten all year. Every element was perfectly prepared and it all went together beautifully. Next we shared the pork chop entree. It came with sweet potato gratin, soubise, hakurei turnips, cranberry gastrique, and crispy parsnips. Just like the ravioli, every part of this dish went perfectly with every other part, and it all supported the main element, which was the large, very meaty, moist, tender and fricking delicious pork chop dominating the plate.

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For dessert, they sent out some modern, creative, takes on a pumpkin spice cake, and s'mores! Both were excellent, and Paddy was especially happy with them! In fact, he gave this whole meal, "two thumbs up and toe wiggle," which is his highest praise! To say that we were both impressed would be an understatement. Chefs Austin & Tyler, and their whole kitchen crew really lit it up. I am a brand new fan. I recommend this restaurant and these particular dishes very much. 🔥

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My awesome mom and I went to Green Tea Japanese Restaurant in West Asheville, where we had a wonderful lunch together! The ebi (shrimp) shumai were super yummy, with a nice texture, and a mellow, comfy flavor. My mom loved them too. She ordered a tempura shrimp roll & California roll. I got the Spider Roll, which has soft shell crab tempura & asparagus, and it was exactly as delicious as I thought it would be! Crunchy, flavorful, filling, and deeply satisfying. Another outstanding lunchtime experience at one of my favorite restaurants in Asheville! Thanks, Green Tea!

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I got a damn good smash burger from the Olde London Road food truck on Depot Street in The RAD yesterday and it was exactly what I wanted and needed at the time. Thanks for being there, OLR Food Truck, and for doing this burger just right!

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NEW YORK BUTCHER SHOP: I went to the grand opening, celebrating the new ownership of The New York Butcher Shoppe and it was a lot of fun!

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There were free burgers and sides, as well as samples of delicious cheesecake! I went with my sister and nephew, and we were all impressed with the quality, quantity, and variety of items available in the shop!

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Everything from wine and frogs legs to wagyu steaks and ground beef to frozen entrees, sides, and vegetables! This is a great asset to the eaters of South Asheville, adjacent neighborhoods, and the whole area! Get in if you can, and check it out for yourself!

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THE PIZZA GUY IS HERE! My buddy Chef Drew from Asheville Pizza South stopped by with his Pizza of the Month for November, and wow! It's one of the best pizzas I've ever had! This crazy pizza genius out-frickin' does himself month after month, but this month's pie is particularly delicious! I'll let Drew describe it for us...

"Korean BBQ Beef Bulgogi Pizza: We start with a traditional Korean BBQ sauce base. Then we add some slow cooked Bulgogi beef. Lastly, we add a Korean seasoned cucumber, radish and carrot salad with some fresh mozzarella."

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It's sweet, savory, dank & flavorful! Of allllllll the pies Drew has brought my way, this might be my favorite! EDIT: This pie is no longer available, but be sure to see what he’s offering this month! 🔥❤️🍕

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