Stu Helm: Food Fan
Stu Helm: Food Fan
Episode 138: Sauces Save The World

Episode 138: Sauces Save The World

Plus: Colonel Sanders Shot a Guy

The podcast above features me and Chef Tom talking mostly about Sauce ‘n’ Sanders… Colonel Sanders. Yes, the fried chicken guy. He’s a trip. Also, Chef Drew from Asheville Pizza South stops by with his Pizza of the Month!

Podcast Contents

00:00 - 00:50 INTRO: Howdy from Asheville, Western North Carolina
00:51 - 06:00 THE PIZZA GUY IS HERE: The Chopped Cheese Pizza
06:10 - 08:48 REVIEW: Farewell Turns Into Nightcrawler
08:49 - 13:00 NO COMPLAINTS: Just Eat It First
13:10 - 24:10 - THAT GUMBO: Chef Tom’s Ngombo-Free Gumbo
24:10 - 34:20 SAUCES SAVE THE WORLD: w/ Chef Tom Lafauci
34:21 - 35:09 - MANNA SPOT - Please Donate to MANNA Here.
35:10 - 56:27 COLONEL SANDERS SHOT A GUY: And Other Fun Facts about KFC

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CORNER KITCHEN: My mom and I had a very nice meal last week at The Corner Kitchen! We were invited to come enjoy the fun nostalgic "throwback" menu that they have released to celebrate their 20th anniversary! We started with some very tasty corny fried oysters, that were pretty much to die for! They were very flavorful, and I found them to be almost buttery. Not a word I used to describe oysters very often. We also shared the spiced beef skewers, which were incredibly tender and delicious, and very satisfying! My mom and I *loved* these, and we're already talking about getting back in specifically to get these again!

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For our entrées, my mom ordered the mahi-mahi with coconut rice, and she devoured it! She told me she was "very happy." I got the meatloaf with grits and greens, and it was very homey and comforting and I enjoyed it very much. The atmosphere and the service at corner kitchen are, just some of the most personable and comfortable in the whole city.

Eating at a Corner Kitchen might be as close as you can get to eating at home when eating out! 🙂

CENTREVILLE LUNCHEONETTE: I had a real good smash burger at the Centreville Luncheonette the other day when I went there for lunch with my buddy Will. He got the shrimp salad sando, which is his go-to bite at CL. This was my first time trying their burger and I am an instant fan! Highly recommended to basic burger enthusiast like myself. 🍔❤️

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LUNCH AT TWISTED: Paddy and I went on another Asheville Food Tours lunch junket last week, this time to one of our all-time favorites, Twisted Laurel Downtown Asheville! Paddy got their award winning smash burger, and it was perfectly perfect. I got one of my favorite things in this world: Chicken tenders. I know I know. I'm a child. But I love them!!! And Twisted does 'em just right!

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Another wonderful meal at one of the best restaurants in Asheville! Thanks, TLA! ❤️❤️❤️

BUXTRANSITION: Wild wild things are happening inside the old Buxton Hall space as they transition into Chai Pani! There's brown paper in the windows still but I got some peeks in through some cracks here and there and wow. It's going to be awesome and it will look nothing like Buxton Hall.

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And just in case you’ve been wondering, word is that the old Chai Pani space on Battery Park Ave. will be turning into a downtown Botiwalla.

BRUNCH: I had a real nice brunch, all by myself at Chestnut on Saturday. I got a very delicious, comforting, and satisfying order of cajun, buttermilk biscuits and gravy, made with spicy HNG sausage gravy, over easy egg, crispy andouille, bourbon sorghum, and fresh parsley on top. It was everything I wanted, and everything I expected it to be! Super yummy. I recommend.

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NEW THINGS FROM AN OLD FAVE: Ever since I ate my way through their menu last year, whenever there's a new taco added to their chalk board at White Duck Taco Shop, the folks who work at the downtown location want me to come try it! Last week they added a General Tso's chicken taco, and it's frickin' bomb. It's a crispy chicken tender with a sweet and slightly spicy sauce, and a really nice Asian style slaw on top. It was great! Another winner! There's not one taco on their menu, that I wouldn't eat again and again. If you give this one a try, and let me know if you liked it!

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Also, now you can get any taco at White Duck Taco Shop in a lettuce wrap! I got me a grilled fish taco and it was awesome! Recommend.

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