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Stu Helm: Food Fan
Episode 139: Gettin' Wild Like Julia Child

Episode 139: Gettin' Wild Like Julia Child

Plus: Chef Tom Eats Good Hot Fish

The podcast above features me and Chef Tom from Twisted Laurel Downtown Asheville talking about eating and cooking and Julia Child (not) being a spy for the CIA.

Podcast Contents

00:00 - 00:31 INTRO: (audio glitch > skip to 00:32)
04:45 - 21:35 WHERE’D YA EAT? Good Hot Fish, PennyCup, Farewell, Pollen, Times Bar, Sabora and thee best Cuban I’ve ever had, Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ, Bold Rock, Mother Bakery, and Shanghai Dumpling House
22:45 - 23:35 MANNA SPOT - Please Donate to MANNA Here.
23:36 - 49:03 JULIA CHILD: Tom’s Favorite Chef
48:04 - 50:57 GOOD BYE!

SABORA: Y'alllllll... I had some of the best food in Asheville for lunch a while back! I heard that the good folks from Sabora food truck were going to be parked on my street today, so I walked on down, and I couldn't stop myself from getting three things off of their menu! LOL I don't get a lot of opportunities to eat off of the Sabora truck, so when I do, I'm going to pounce! I ordered the fried chicken sandwich, which I had never had before, and I ordered the ghost maker burger, again a new item for me, and then the owner, Chef Macario, told me that he wanted me to try his Cuban sandwich, so I got that too, and boy howdy, am I ever glad that I did!

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This might be the best Cuban sandwich I've ever had! No. Let me correct that. This *is* the best Cuban sandwich I've ever had! It was very juicy and flavorful, and had it allll going on! It was a very exciting sandwich. I super Duper recommend it to anyone who is, or like me, thinks that they aren't, a fan of Cuban sandwiches.

The fried chicken sandwich was every bit as delicious as I hoped it would be! This is my first fried chicken sandwich of 2024, and I couldn't have made a better choice. It was crispy, juicy, and tasty, with a little bit of kick to it. And speaking of "kick!" The Ghostmaker burger was awesome, and very spicy! I loved it! I asked the chef if he likes this particular burger, and he said that it's actually a little too spicy for him! 😂 I'm so psyched that these folks park in my neighborhood sometimes!

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If you see that they’re parking in your neighborhood, at a Brewery, most likely, be sure to hit them up! They were my Food Truck of the Year winners in 2022, and every chance I get to try their food again, I do it, and it's always great! 🔥 🍔 🐔 🇨🇺

MOTHER: Good lord, Y'all. I get the daily special at Mother Bakery on the South Slope and wow. It was a wonderful take on a Croque Madame, with ham, brioche, egg, and a lovely Dijon béchamel sauce.

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I scraaaaped my plate clean, and couldn't stop myself from recommending it to two complete strangers that were sharing the long table as me. If you ever see this dish on the menu or specials board at Mother again, get it!!!

SHANGHAI DUMPLING HOUSE: I'm so glad I stopped into Shanghai Dumpling House on a whim the other day! I hadn't been since pre-pandemic, and decided it was well past time. I tried two kinds of dumplings -- steamed and fried --and both were awesome!

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I can't wait to go back in to get these again, and try the rest of their food, and I might take it on as one of my “Eat The Menu” challenges!

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Q: Do you have a go-to dish at Shanghai?

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BOLD ROCK: Paddy and I stopped into the Bold Rock tasting room on Lexington Avenue in downtown for an Asheville Food Tours lunch junket and had a very nice meal! The fried okra was some of the best I've had. Fresh not frozen, cut lengthwise, fried to crispy perfection, then topped with a sweet hot sauce and green onions.

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I got the short rib grilled cheese and Paddy got some short rib pasta. Both were great, and the pasta was particularly yummy. My grilled cheese was dense and gooey and meaty and savory and sweet. Paddy's pasta was tender & flavorful, with the short rib meat being plentiful and delicious.

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To be honest we entered into this Lunch Junket with our expectations set on neutral, and we were both a little surprised by how much we enjoyed it! Thanks, Bold Rock!

JETTIE RAE’S: Dawn and I stopped into Jettie Rae's Oyster House last night for a quick bite before dinner. Yes, you heard right, we pregamed dinner.

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We shared 12 oysters (3 of each variety) and couldn't resist the "Skull Island" prawn! The oysters were fresh and briny and awesome. The prawn were incredible. They came with fennel confit, Castelvetrano olives, preserved lemon, scallion, romesco, and Cipollini onions.

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We loved it all. Great service, vibe, location, and food. Thanks, Jettie Rae’s 🔥🦐

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