Stu Helm: Food Fan
Stu Helm: Food Fan
Episode 142: Peanut Lovers Rejoice!

Episode 142: Peanut Lovers Rejoice!

Plus: Legacy Restaurant Tour

The podcast above features me and Chef Tom LaFauci from Twisted Laurel Downtown Asheville jus’ talkin’ ‘bout food

Podcast Contents

00:00 - 01:42 INTRO: Chef Tom Had a Bad Day
01:43 - 32:15 FOOD HOLIDAYS: A Big Month for Peanut Lovers
32:16 - 33:00 MANNA SPOT: Please Donate to MANNA Foodbank Here.
33:01 - 53:41 WHERE’D YA EAT? Miyako House, Pupuseria Patty’s, Dilbar, Bee Thai Kitchen, French Broad Chocolates, Old Europe, Bier Garden, Mela, Roman’s Deli, and The Soda Fountain at Woolworth Walk
53:42 - 55:17 HUNT’S CHIPS: A Charming Story from My Mom
55:18 - 57:49 OUTRO: Marked Safe From Facebook Shutdown

THE SODA FOUNTAIN AT WOOLWORTH WALK: My mom and I had a very enjoyable lunch at The Soda Fountain at Woolworth Walk a while back. We both really like this place. My mom got the curried chicken sando and loved it. I got the turkey club, and it was perfect in every way, iconic in execution, and super tasty. 3 slices of bread, cut into four pieces, held together using toothpicks w/ colorful cellophane on one end, some Lay's potato chips, a dill wedge, and even the red checkered paper and plastic basket were hitting all the nostalgia nails on the head.

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I got Cheerwine, my mom got an ice cream soda, and while we sat and enjoyed the food and atmosphere, my mom told me about being a little girl, and saving her allowance for two weeks, so that she could go to the store and buy potato chips. They didn't come in bags, she said, instead there was a large glass box full of potato chips, and you would scoop them out and put them in little paper bags to take home. They were so special, that she would forgo eating ice cream for a week so that she could enjoy some potato chips. ❤️❤️❤️

ROMAN’S DELI: I visited another "Legacy Restaurant" of downtown Asheville the other day on an Asheville Food Tours lunch junket to Roman's Deli & Catering on Haywood St. I got a 1/2 of a club sandwich that was very tasty. I love anyplace that offers 1/2 sandwiches! Thanks, Roman's!

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TUPELO HONEY: Continuing my "Legacy Tour" of downtown restaurants, I went on yet another Asheville Food Tours Lunch Junket with Paddy to the OG Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar on College St. We had both really enjoyed the pork shoulder they served at the Taste of Asheville event this year, so that's what Paddy ordered and it was great! It came out still sizzlin' in the skillet and was so crispy and melty and yummy! We both recommend it.

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I got fried chicken n biscuits with white gravy and it really hit the spot!

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I confess that I entered into this meal with my expectations set in the basement, but I left full, happy, and satisfied.

THE PIZZA GUY IS HERE! THE PIZZA GUY IS HERE! Chef Drew from Asheville Pizza South brought me his specialty pizza of the month for March, and it is beautiful, as well as delicious! As always, I'll let Drew explain it to you…

"Everybody Loves The Sunshine - Poppy seed crust. Whipped ricotta with lemon, sun dried tomatoes and basil. Cayenne candied pineapple. Fresh mozzarella and feta cheese. After the oven, arugula, hot honey and assorted edible flowers."

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Let me tell ya, this pie is something special! As usual, I couldn't stop myself from eating much more of it than I intended to, and I was stuffed! Dawn really liked it too.

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If you have a chance, get this specialty pie of the month, which is named after a Roy Ayer's song. Drew loves music as much as pizza! Follow him on social media so that you can get the jump on what his specialty pizza will be at the beginning of every month.

FISH CULT! I'm very much enjoying the tinned fish selection at Botanist & Barrel Tasting Bar + Bottle Shop Asheville, and sometimes I get creative at home.

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Recently I made a super delicious lunch for myself, with potato chips, heavy cream, a pinch or two of flour, fresh tomatoes, sardines packed with pork sausage, and a few drops of local hot sauce. It was super delicious!

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If you're curious about cooking at home w/ tinned fish, join the Fish Cult Supper Club!

Fish Cult Supper Club - $37.00 [tickets here]
Date & Time: Thu, Apr 11 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT
Location: Botanist & Barrel Asheville
32 Broadway Street 110 Asheville, NC 28801

Welcome to the Fish Cult! 🐟✨

[from Botanist & Barrel] “As our collection of artisanal tinned seafood expands, we're on a quest to unlock fresh and inventive ways to savor them. Enter our esteemed local collaborator, Stu Helm of Asheville Food Tours – a local legend of epicurean exploration. Together, we're curating a seafood adventure. Join Stu, Savanna and Katie to learn about 3 unique tins and watch as they prepare 3 dishes for you to enjoy that you can also replicate at home!

While we craft our culinary seafood delights, kick back, relax, and indulge on sips of Spanish vermouth or our dry natural cider, all while engaging in spirited discussions and sharing insights with fellow seafood lovers. It's an immersive experience where you can unwind, delve deep into the world of seafood, and connect with like-minded awesome folks.

Don't miss out on the first edition of the Fish Cult crew!!

A Fish Cult ticket includes a choice of a glass of sweet Spanish vermouth or dry natural cider, 3 delicious preparations of fish and a special treat. Any tins for take home will be 15% off for joining us on this adventure!

ASHEVILLE FOOD TOURS: Y'all... Even when it's ass-cold in downtown Asheville, we STILL have a great time on Asheville Food Tours!

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“What a blast! Stu was a great tour guide, the food & drinks were tasty, different, and lots of fun. We had a great time even with the rain. :)" - Lisa M.

Come take one with me, or with our other food tour guide Sarah Ray!


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Stu Helm: Food Fan
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