Stu Helm: Food Fan
Stu Helm: Food Fan
Episode 99: Pizza, Tacos, Oysters, Burgers

Episode 99: Pizza, Tacos, Oysters, Burgers

Eating the basics in Food City, USA is never boring!


Today’s Podcast was originally broadcast by WPVM 103.7fm on Friday, January 20, and features conversations with my friends Drew Peterson from Asheville Pizza South and Lucho from Asheville Multicultural.


The pizza of the month from Asheville Pizza South for February, 2023 is another awesome pie from Chef Drew and Crew! It was spicy and crispy and flavorful AF! Here’s Drew’s description:

“I love it when they call me BIG POBLANO - Chipotle refried bean base. Roasted Poblano peppers. Chorizo. After the oven it get covered in diced tomatoes, green onions, Chipotle aioli and crispy fried tortilla strips.”


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My mom and I went to Andale WAY Mexican Grill for lunch a while back, and we both loved what we got! I ordered the very reasonably priced, and reasonably sized lunch combo, with one Birria taco, rice, beans, cilantro, and Birria dippin’ sauce. My mom got a “Mexican Wrap” (the have burritos and wraps, and this was in the wrap section of the menu), with chicken and other yummy stuff inside. We both really like this place. The dining room is comfortable, the people are super nice, and the food never disappoints! Gracias, Andale Way! 🔥🌮 🇲🇽

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Mom and I also split a burger from Sabora food truck recently, and it was great! Chef Macario Jimenez also put a few pieces of his awesome pork belly on the side for me, because he knows I love it so much! Sabora was my Food Truck of the Year winner in 2022, and the burgers are some of theee best in Asheville! I’m gonna try the fried chicken sandwich next time!

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I won a contest! I entered and won an Instagram contest being run by Edible Asheville and the prize was a gift certificate to Cousins Cuban Cafe in Black Mountain! So I took a little trip out there with my mom and Lucho (from Asheville Multicultural) and we had a really nice lunch together. We had empanadas, and Pastelitos to start with. Then Lucho and I had a Cuban, and my mom had the Camarones enchilados. We shared a flan for dessert.

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Everything was excellent, there is some support to call Cousins’ Cuban sandwich, the best WNC, and I don’t dispute that! If you haven’t been in, try to get in when you can, it’s very popular, and pretty small, so there might not always be room! But if you can get a table, or just grab some takeout, I think it will be very happy!

Lucho Says:

I love this place and Cuban Sandwiches! Because of a post I made “ In search of the best Cuban Sandwich in Asheville and 30 miles around” people are now suggesting strongly that I visit a few places, however one that is getting quite a bit of love is The Cuban Guy in Waynesville 👈🏽 what do you say Stu Helm: Food Fan? Should we take a short trip?

I also ate at…


Dawn and I went to The Bull and Beggar for oysters and more the other evening. Everything was amazing and we were very happy & satisfied.

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In addition to the oysters, we got cauliflower in parchment, which was piping hot and full of flavor with a nice olive-oily sauce of sorts on the bottom. We also got the butternut, spinach and ricotta cannelloni, which was rich AF in the best way possible, had a nice soft texture, and was just dreamy.

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We ended the meal with their famous sticky toffee pudding with pouring cream. Super recommend.

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It's kind of hidden, and sometimes I forget to get myself down there, but The Bull and Beggar is still one of the best restaurants in town. Perfect for date night, a celebration, or just treating oneself to something special. We love to sit at the bar.


I recently had lunch and breakfast at The Med. I love their burger & fries, and I was excited to hear from the owner that they’re now doing breakfast all day!

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A week or so later, I had a 1pm meeting downtown, was super-hungry afterwards, and in the mood for breakfast! (This might be the Year of the Breakfast for me. Hmmm...) I ordered two eggs over easy, taters, bacon and sausage, and boy howdy, did all that hit the spot!

The bacon was thin and crispy, the house-made sausage was plump and savory, the eggs were cooked perfectly, and the coffee was just what the doctor ordered. The potatoes were of particular note, being very crispy on the edges, and nice and hot 'n' potato-y on the inside.

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Thank you, Med! There was a job to do, and you did that job, and you did it well. Gold star. ⭐️ Big love. ❤️

— end —

Stu Helm: Food Fan
Stu Helm: Food Fan
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