Feb 10, 2022 • 22M

Good Morning, Friends...

Sandwiches, Pizza, & a Chat w/ Chef Elliott Moss from Buxton Hall Barbecue

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Stu Helm
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ABOVE: On the Podcast - I spoke with Chef Elliott Moss from Buxton Hall Barbecue about mussels, brisket, roof fires, sobriety & rollerblading!
BELOW: In the Newsletter (may contain adult language) - GMF, This Just In, The Recommend, 3 More Pizza Fighters!


I hope you’re having a great week so far! Mine has been fun, and busy, which is good! I mean, don’t love being busy, but if I’m having fun at the same time, I can deal with it. They say you should figure out what you love most in life, and then figure out how to make a living at it. I’ve been trying to perfect that approach for my entire life. Getting closer. 🙂


From our good friends at Chow Chow


Chow Chow 2022 - Call for Interest

Chow Chow's mission is to celebrate and enrich the unique foodways of the Southern Appalachian region. As makers, chefs, artists, and farmers, its vision is an equitable and thriving regional food system, where culinary and creative enterprise are central to community identity and resilience.

The reimagined Chow Chow 2021 included a schedule of fun, immersive, meaningful and educational events that celebrated and enriched the unique foodways of Southern Appalachia, while fostering dialogue about issues that impact our community including conversations about racial justice, food justice and climate resilience.

We are excited for the return of the Summer of Chow Chow in 2022! With three weekends of culinary events, June 23-26, August 4-7, September 8-11, there will be opportunities to gather with us around the table all summer long. We will be continuing to focus on the foodways of Southern Appalachia, and the themes of racial justice, food justice and climate resilience in 2022.

We are seeking interested participants (chefs, beverage, speakers, makers) for the Summer of Chow Chow 2022. We invite you to complete a Call for Interest survey here. Deadline: February 15.

We are looking forward to an amazing Summer of Chow Chow 2022!


THIS JUST IN from our good friends at Cultivated Cocktails


Click HERE to shop for Valentines Cocktail Kits!


THIS JUST IN from our good friends at Buxton Hall Barbecue


Pastry Chef Evie Welling is making a sexy, gluten-free, dark chocolate torte (think dense, fudgy, silky) that will be available to order for pick-up.
Buxton's Valentine's Torte
• Dark chocolate torte (silky, fudgy, smooth and rich)
• Cointreau chocolate glaze
• Orange and vanilla bean whipped cream
• Blackberry sauce (bright, refreshing, tart) (local berries from this summer)
• Sea salted brownie chips



My friend Paddy & I went on an Asheville Food Tours lunch junket to The Blackbird Restaurant on Biltmore Ave right downtown last week. he & I have this new thing we do, where we each order a different sandwich, then split them in half and share them. Duh. I really don’t know why we haven’t been doing this for years. At Blackbird we got the Cuban and the fried chicken sandwich and both were great!

The bread was right, the contents were tasty, the service was great, we were cozy & comfy, full & happy as can be by the time we left. This whole lunch was very satisfying and I recommend both sandwiches!

I also recommend that you start splitting sandwiches with your best lunch bud. Why haven’t you been doing it for years???



The 2022 WNC Pizza Fight is coming! Here are three more of the Pie Fighters…

🤜🍕 WNC PIZZA FIGHT! FEATURED FIGHTER! 🍕🤛 Baba Nahm is definitely the outsider, the dark horse, the scrappy challenger, mostly because they don't make pizza! LOL The Chef there, however, is VERY game to compete, always comes through with a great product, plus he reminded me that pizza is derived from, like, 2,000 year old Egyptian flatbreads and other Middle Eastern foods, and when I asked about competing in a field of Asheville's best & favorite pizza makers, he said "They will be CRUSHED." (all caps his) I like that confidence, so here's Baba Nahm, Y'all! I couldn't find a picture of their pizza... because... again... they don't make it... so here's some delicious looking flat bread, all puffed-up and proud.

May be an image of 1 person, food and text that says 'SHAY BROWN EVENTS & STU HELM THE FOOD FAN PRESENT 2022 PIZZA WNC STU HELM FOOD FAN FIGHT BABA NAHM is the dark horse of this competition the only player who decidedly NOT pizza maker! They were excited tho,I couldn' say no! Pizza is derived from Middle Eastern food after all, & they are brimming with confidence! ©2022 TUHELM FEBRUARY 23, 2022 ASHEVILLE MASONIC LODGE'

🍕🤜 2022 WNC PIZZA FIGHT! FEATURED FIGHTER! 🤛🍕 Black Bear Pizza is new to the game, and excited to show their stuff to the judges, the world, and the other Pie Fighters! South Side pride is on the line, and I'm personally looking forward to seeing and tasting what they bring to the game!

REMEMBER: This is a "Judges Only" competition. We have 16 judges, chefs, F&B industry people, and eaters, all! We even have a pizza maker on the panel! The public will be able to play along by ordering at home, simply by ordering the pies and rating them yourselves! I have home score sheets available to print by clicking on these two links.

May be an image of pizza and text that says 'SHAY BROWN EVENTS & STU HELM THE FOOD FAN PRESENT 2022 PIZZA WNC STU HELM FOOD FAN FIGHT BLACK BEAR PIZZA is new to the Pizza Fight they are readyto show the judges, AND the world, exactly what they ve got! They're delivering all the way from South Asheville, but we know they get it to us fresh, hot & delicious! ©2022STUHELM ©2022STUHELM ©2022 FEBRUARY 23, 2022 ASHEVILLE MASONIC LODGE'

🍕🤜 2022 WNC PIZZA FIGHT! FEATURED FIGHTER! 🤛🍕 Del Vecchios is a popular North Asheville favorite, who have been crushing it from the minute they open their doors to the moment they close for the night, for over a decade! I am a fan myself, and I know lots of folks who will proudly name it as their favorite. Will they win the favor of the judges on Feb 23rd? Stay tuned to find out!

May be an image of pizza and text that says 'SHAY BROWN EVENTS & STU HELM THE FOOD FAN PRESENT 2022 WNC PIZZA STU HELM THE DEL VECCHIO'S FIGHT is the silent warrior of the pizza scene in WNC. They don't do social media, they don't make a big fuss, they just open their doors & crush it. Every. Day. Will they crush the compettion on fight day? We shall see! ©2022 FEBRUARY 23, 2022 ASHEVILLE M”SICE'


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