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Dessert Tasting & Burger Recommend

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Today’s Podcast is another full-length episode of the Food Fans Radio Show, which airs every Friday and Saturday on WPVM 103.7fm, Asheville’s Progressive Voice of the Mountains! The two topics that I covered in this episode are, in order: An interview with the ever-informed and experienced independent writer, about food and other things, Kay West! After that, I recount the events of an incredible food tasting that I was part of at French Broad Chocolates!

Today’s Newsletter has some pictures and words from that same tasting at FBC, and a burger recommend, plus the first day of my Subscription Drive!


Good lord, y’all. French Broad Chocolates invited Asheville Food Tours and the other folks in the tour company community to come try their brand new dessert menu in a two-day tasting! And wow.

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On Day 1 we tried their chocolate truffle torte, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, espresso chocolate cheesecake, salted caramel popcorn cake, carrot cake, coconut strawberry panna cotta, and chocolate crème brûlée. It was all fantastic! The cakes were incredibly moist & delicious, the flourless torte might be the best I’ve ever had, and while the chocolate crème brûlée may not have been the prettiest dessert at the party, it was to frickin’ die for.

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You can see more pictures from Day 1 HERE.

Day 2 was all cookies & brownies, and they were yummy, of course! The giant macaron was the fan favorite with the group doing the tasting for sure, but the chocolate chip cookie wedge was my personal favorite! These delicious items, and many more should be available at the lounge, boutique, & factory soon if not already! Go get some! 🔥

You can see more pictures from Day 2 HERE.

For a more comprehensive review of these items, plus some insider info on what a tasting is like, and why restaurants do them, please listen the 2nd half of today’s podcast!


So, y’know I’ve been trying to lose a few pounds, right? Well, I did it. I got down to my optimal weight, so I treated myself to a burger at The Med, and it was really fucking good.

It was just a basic smash burger. Which is one of the best things on earth. I opted for a single patty, which was grilled and served piping hot, with the American cheese thoroughly melted, and topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, on a soft white bun that’s been grille din butter. It was so juicy & delicious, I didn’t even put any other condiments on it. The fries were super-crispy too, and stayed that way the whole time. Like, even after they cooled down, they were still very crispy. It was a modern-day miracle and I even asked Paddy if they could possibly be the best fries in downtown, and he didn’t disagree with that assessment, though he touted the tallow fries at Rye Knot, which is not technically in downtown, but I will allow it.

What are your thoughts on the best fries in AVL and WNC?

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Voting is super important, especially now, and I wanted to let you know that I am officially endorsing & supporting former public defender, judge, & Chief Justice, Cheri Beasley, who is running for US Senate in NC! I have donated to her campaign, and encourage you to look into her, and do the same if you can. She's running for the office recently vacated by regular ol’ corrupt Republican Richard Burr and her opponent is radical MAGA Republican Ted Budd.

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I’ve never met Justice Beasley personally, but I’ve read her platform, looked at her record, and listened to her speak, and I feel very strongly that she is the kind of person that we need in the US Senate.


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