Nov 4, 2021 • 23M

Good Morning, Friends...

Salad vs Sandwich

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It’s Thursday. The most whatever day of the week. I mean, Monday is the day we all hate, right? Tuesday has tacos. Wednesday is hump day. People literally thank God that it’s Friday, which has its own theme song AND restaurant chain. Saturday night is obviously alright for fighting, and Sunday is the day of rest, my favorite activity!

Hello? Thursday? You okay, Bruh?

I’m fine, just tired. Uhhh… how about a throw-back type of thing?

Every week? Naw. Fishing through old pictures ain’t like eating a taco. Sounds more like homework. You go back to sleep Thurs, and we’ll check in with you next week.

It’s another gorgeously gray day out there, BTW, so I’m going to go for a walk. Not sure where just yet, but it will most likely end with lunch. Suggestions?

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Today’s Recommend is not food, it’s a movie. Dawn & I watched the Guatemalan film “La Llorona” recently (not to be confused with the horror movie "The Curse of La Llorona"), and we both liked it very much.

This movie could be classified as horror, because there are paranormal moments, and suggestions of ghostly activity, but it’s a very quiet movie, with no jump-scares, or over-the-top gore & special effects. Instead, it relies mostly on mood and atmosphere to tell a disturbing story in subtle scenes, with opaque characters and minimal exposition. I don’t want to give spoilers, and the trailer is kinda long, so I’ll just say, if you like slow, creepy movies, with deeper meanings, Dawn & I both recommend La Llorona very much. We watched it via Prime.

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Okat, I know I recommended a movie above, but I also want to recommend this tasty salad with fried chicken that I got at The Med the other day. It tasted great, and it filled me up without the heavy carb-load, and subsequent somnambulant effect that I often get from a fried chicken sandwich. It came with plenty of ranch, and it really satisfied.

The Med is one of the oldest restaurants in Asheville, and is located on College Street downtown, right next to the Kress Building.



No offense to the above mentioned salad, but I still love me a tasty fried chicken sandwich and I got one recently at Iconic Kitchen & Drinks, which is located on the corner of Coxe and South Charlotte St, at the bottom of the South Slope. It was cooked just right, so that it was crispy AF on the outside, and tender and juicy on the inside. I got mine tossed in Buffalo sauce, and it was jehhhhst right. Boy howdy, it hit the spot. And it settled into my stomach, taking a long winter’s nap, while I walked around feeling stuffed all day long. I could have skipped dinner, but I didn’t, because I’m helpless.


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