Jan 21 • 15M

Good Morning, Friends...

Arancini of Note & Interview with a Poet

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This podcast is mostly about food
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ABOVE: The Podcast - I talked to Poet and Asheville ex-pat Caleb Calhoun about their new life in Birmingham, AL and an upcoming return trip to Asheville for a two-night celebration / record release party at a brand new venue called The Pot Stirred.
BELOW: The Newsletter (may contain adult language) - GMF, Kickback Gets the Soosh, The Recommend, Last Week on Facebook


How are ya? Hanging in there? I’ve had to cancel some tours because of this Omicron crappolla. People sign up, and then they get sick, and drop off. It’s a drag, but I hope we’ll get on the other side of this wave soon enough. I’m vaxxed and boosted, we bought some of those N95 masks, I carry hand sanitizer with me, and, oh yeah, I also ran completely out of fucks to give. So I’m just doing my thing, going to restaurants, being a good customer, masking up when asked, and kinda just waiting ‘til the Rona gets me, I guess. Or not. Who knows? Uncertain times, my friends. Uncertain times. For those of you who aren’t comfs with going into restaurants again just yet, see the item below.


Some of y’all might remember that I worked for KickbackAVL.com during the shut down of 2020 and part of 2021, and I loved it! I only stopped so that I could go back to doing food tours with Asheville Food Tours, but I still care a lot about the company, and I keep an eye on what they’ve got going on. That’s why I was totally psyched to see that they finally got sushi! Sushi has been the one big missing element among their list of restaurant menus, and boy did we hear about it from the customers! Wellllll… just last week I saw that they got, not one, but two sushi venues on their roster of restaurants! Delivery is now available from The Madness Sushi & Burgers new location out on Merrimon Ave, and Yum! Sushi Burrito & Poke located Downtown.

I’ve eaten at both of these places, and they are excellent, so I am personally excited to have them available through Asheville’s only locally owned and operated hot meal delivery service, KickbackAVL!


I got invited into the brand new Harvest Pizzeria on Banks Ave, across the street from Buxton Hall BBQ, and it was great! I got pizza, Brussels sprouts, kale salad, and the wonderful arancini pictured below. Arancini is basically rice and cheese, formed into a ball, and deep fried. I mean, c’mon. What’s not to love? These arancini came with a marinara dipping sauce, grated parm, and fresh herbs on top. They were light and cripsy on the outside, ooey-gooey, hotter than Hell, and tasty AF on the inside, and I recommend them very highly.

You can see my short review of the pizza, salads, & Brussels on Facebook.

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