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Today’s podcast is a VIDEO! Yerp… I’ve started recording video again, and from now on the newsletter podcast will be a video. If you don’t want to watch, you can still just listen, and if you want to watch or listen to even more, I’ve posted 8 new videos to my recently relaunched YouTube Channel, where you can watch them whenever you want!

The first video (above) is short, and is all about some awesome lunch I had that The Rhu recently. Biscuits ‘n’ gravy, as well as a couple of amazing pastries! (below)

I want one of everything whenever I look inside the pastry case at The Rhu, located on South Lexington Ave, right downtown.

I got biscuits ‘n’ gravy (above) and my lunch bud, Micah, got a sandwich called the Appalachian (below). Let’s face it, biscuits ‘n’ gravy is not the most photogenic food item in the world, especially in a box, but take my word for it, it was frickin’ perfect. The biscuit was perfect. The pork sausage was perfect. The gravy was perfect. I was psyched and I ate every crumb and dollop of it. I didn’t try Micah’s sando, but it looked great and he inhaled it. He shared some of his almond crescent with me (not pictured) and it was fantastic. Like, best in town. Or even WNC. Prove me wrong.

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The pastries at The Rhu are phenomenal, and I got his one about a week later. A rhubarb & white chocolate muffin that was nice & crusty on top, soft & moist inside, sweet, but too sweet, and just the right size. I love it.

I love The Rhu and have since day one, and they are just as ON POINT as always. However… brace yourselves for some devastating news. You’ll have to listen to the video / podcast to learn about it, but like I said…. brace yourselves... dev.


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