May 8, 2022 • 51M

Good Morning, Friends!

Michigan Trip & Local Food news

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Today’s podcast is all a full-length presentation of the radio show that I make out of my podcast segments for WPVM 103.7 every week. It covers a trip I took to Michigan, and the cities of Novi, Detroit, and Ann Arbor, as well as some same and disturbing local food news. The newsletter below is pretty much the same stuff! If you have time to look, read, and listen, I hope you will enjoy!

MICHIGAN TRIP PART 1: Dinner at Wright & Co.

While in Michigan, Dawn & I ate at some great places with friends, including Wright & Company located on the 2nd floor at 1500 Woodward, right downtown. My favorite dish was the “pho scented” chicken with bok choi, which was recommended to us by a chef or cook who happened to be in the elevator with us on the way up. We shared a ton of dishes with our friends Julian and Molly. There was a bistro tender, potato pavé, a salad, some hamachi, house made potato chips with cheese sauce, bacon, & tomato relish, chocolate ganache & butterscotch pudding. Service was also excellent! High recommends. 🔥🔥🔥

You can see more pictures from Wright & Company here on Facebook.

MICHIGAN TRIP PART 2: Dinner at The Metropolitan Bar & Kitchen

While we were in Detroit, our friends Milly & Ryan took Dawn & I to a really nice neighborhood bar / restaurant called Metropolitan Bar and Kitchen located at 8047 Agnes Street in the West Village neighborhood. We got a variety of entrees, plus an appetizer & dessert. I got the burger which was excellent! It had a char on it that was reminiscent of a backyard burger in the best way! Service was great, atmosphere was cute AF, and the whole experience was very enjoyable. High recommends.

You can see more pictures from The Metropolitan Bar & Kitchen here on Facebook.

MICHIGAN TRIP PART 3: Eastern Market & Kerrytown Market

We got pierogis at the Eastern Market in downtown Detroit. They were great! The best pierogis I’ve ever had in my life were from a place I lived near in Chicago more than 20 years ago. Who has the best pierogis in Asheville, y’all? I need this information.

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One of the most fun things Dawn & I did while in Michigan, was a quick trip to The Kerrytown Market & Shops of Ann Arbor! We got some oysters at Monahan's Seafood and brought them over to Everyday Wine where we sat and enjoyed them very much! I also bought some snacks, and a bag of really nice coffee at Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea. The marketplace was AWESOME. I loved it, and really wish there was something EXACTLY like it in Downtown Asheville!

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You can see more pictures from The Kerrytown Marketplace here on Facebook.


I don’t usually do straight food news, but I thought y’all might want to know that two Asheville favorites have closed down. After 3 1/2 tough years, Ziggy’s Deli has closed its doors for good. The food was AMAZING, I gave them an award for their Philly, but these times are tough, even on the best of us. Speaking of, I was sad to hear that Zia Taqueria on Haywood in WAVL has also closed for good. After 10 years, they said good bye on social media, and wished good luck to the next venue to occupy the space. Finally, if you haven’t heard the news about Deli Llammma Food Truck, it’s, like “wow,” but not in the good way. Their truck was vandalized by a person who was having a severe mental breakdown, and just about every part of it that could be destroyed, was. Chef Chazzy Edwards is made out of rawhide, cast iron, and pure grit, though, so she’s currently cooking side gigs and such to raise money for repairs, and working on the truck herself. If you want to contribute to the GoFundMe started by their friend Ben Wiggins, you can go HERE. They’re hoping to be up and running by the end of the month!

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