Nov 9, 2021 • 19M

Good Morning, Friends...

Wing Thing / Adventure Dining / Best Mac 'n' Cheese in Asheville?

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Stu Helm
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ABOVE: Podcast - Rick & I do the Wing Thing / Adventure Dining at Strictly Wings
BELOW: Newsletter - GMF, This Just In…, Eating An Old Friend, The Recommend, Puke Pop-Up Tonight!


How are you this morning? I was hurting yesterday, with the lingering effects of a migraine headache I had the night before. Ooftah! I was in tough shape. I feel much better today, but migraines are sneaky, it’s still in there, just waiting for the opportunity to come back and kill me! LOL Anyhoo, I have exciting lunch plans today: Ziggy’s Bakery & Deli! Not sure what to get though! The Philly again, or something new? As always, your suggestions are welcome!

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It’s been great to get back out there in the world! I love being in downtown again, walking around, seeing old friends, and eating them. Yes, some of my friends are food. Some of my best friends in fact. One such friend is the Szechuan Wontons at Red Ginger Dim Sum & Tapas. I’ve been eating them and recommending them to people for years. They are large, filled with ground pork AND whole shrimp, they are spicy (but not too spicy) have a wonder, oily sauce that I want to lap off the plate, and are topped with fresh cilantro, the perfect counter to all that richness and fat. I/ Love. Them.

I had not had this dish since the before times, and whenever I have been near Red Ginger lately, it’s been packed with patrons, until the other day, when the cold, grey, rainy weather was keeping everyone home but me! I walked right in, sat right down, and had a wonderful lunch, all to myself, that included this old friend. It felt great to see and eat them.



My friend Rick & I took a little trip to Arden to try the wings at a place called Strictly Wings, where despite the name, they have lots of delicious side items on their menu that are not wings, including this fantastically delicious and decadent side of baked mac ‘n’ cheese!

Rick and I both agreed that wings were GREAT, as were the collards, yams, and cornbread, but that this mac ‘n’ cheese was stellar! I openly mused that it could be the best in Asheville, and Rick put it in 2nd place to his all time favorite at Doc Brown’s BBQ. You can listen to us rave about it in the podcast above.

Based on this first-time experience, I very much recommend a trip to visit the good folks at Strictly Wings, get some of everything, but definitely don’t miss out on this mac ‘n’ cheese!

Whose got your fave mac ‘n’ cheese in WNC?

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