Oct 26, 2022 • 48M

Good Morning, Friends...

Burger Report, Lobster Roll, Pupusa Making, Food Trivia & Dessert!

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Today’s Podcast is episode 221015, parts of which originally aired on WPVM 103.7fm, on October 14 and October 21, 2022, and features interviews with Sara “The Waxlorette” Malson, and Chef Ethan Bonnell from Pizza Daddy, who both played Food Trivia for MANNA Foodbank with me! There’s also a brief teaser for Asheville Multicultural’s “Pupusa Story,” which is also featured below.

Today’s Newsletter (below) features some pictures from the Pupusa Story video shoot, as well as a great burger, a home made lobster roll, and a delicious dessert item! If you have time to look, read, and listen, I hope that you will enjoy!


I had a delicious burger at the Funkatorium for lunch today called the Mountaineer Burger and consists of a dry-aged beef patty with muenster cheese, tomato jam, crispy fried red onion, and Duke’s mayo. This was a very good experience all around, and the crispy onions were an especially nice touch. The house made chips and pickle were also excellent.

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You can see more pictures of this burger & read more comments on Facebook by clicking HERE

From the comments on Facebook

Seth W: “Is the bun house made as well? If so, that’s awesome… but it’s also the only explanation I can think of for how fucked up that bun is sliced.”

Me: “yes, it's house made, and yeah, the slicing decisions were strange & mysterious.”

The Mountaineer Burger is also available as a meatless Beyond Burger.


This lobster roll, made at home using Scout brand tinned lobster that I bought at Botanist & Barrel Asheville, was fricking awesome!!! Like, seriously delicious. I grilled the hot dog roll in butter, then warmed the lobster meat in the butter, then added Blue Plate Mayonnaise to the roll, put the warm lobster on top of that and BOOM! I loved it.

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You can see more pictures of this lobster roll on Facebook by clicking HERE.

The red sauce on the roll is the sauce that’s in the can. Very buttery & delish! Imust have eaten a 1/2 a stick o butter on this thing! LOL. These days, I always keep a tin of this Scout canning brand lobster in my cabinet for emergencies, just like this! I NEED A LOBSTER ROLL! STAT!!!” 🔥🦞😂

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I took a little road trip out to Pupuseria Paty Asheville last week with my friend Lucho from Asheville Multicultural, as well as my friend James who is the owner of Blue Dream Curry House, but also a videographer, and I met a new friend for the first time, named Tony, who is a content creator. We were there to cook and eat pupusa‘s while James recorded us, for a video that Lucho is making called “Pupusa Story.” We actually got into the kitchen with Chef Paty and her staff, where we formed and grilled-up some pupusa‘s ourselves! The ones featured in these pictures are the ones that we made! They came out great! (With Paty‘s guidance of course! 🙂 )

You can see more pictures on Facebook by clicking HERE.
ABOVE (L-R): Luis Carlos aka Lucho, Chef Paty Saenz, me, James, & Tony.

Look for Lucho‘s video to come out in the near future, and be sure to get yourself some of these delicious pupusas in the meantime! They are the perfect food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack! They are located out on Patton Avenue in West Asheville, and they are also available for delivery through Kickbackavl at Kickbackavl.com!


The holiday season is here! This is a time when many of us enjoy preparing & eating particularly beloved family favorite foods & celebrating the bounty of Western North Carolina! Now imagine not being able to participate in that celebration due to a lack of food security in your home. MANNA Foodbank helps real people in real need, right here in our own area. Please give whatever you can to this fundraiser, every dollar means a whole lot to someone out there!

Please use this button to donate through my fundraiser, thank you!



YUM!!! I got some super delicious salted gingerbread toffee graham cracker cookie type things in the mail from a company called Legally Addictive Foods, made with Spicewalla gingerbread spice! They are crispy and crunchy, salty and sweet, and the gingerbread spice blend is just right! Not too in your face, but definitely there, and very enjoyable! I highly recommend these cookies, I think they would be an especially nice gift for the holidays! (hint hint).

See more pics and read more info on Facebook by clicking HERE.

These cookies will be available in the beginning of November at the Spicewalla shop in Grove Arcade.

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