Stu Helm: Food Fan
Stu Helm: Food Fan
Good Morning, Friends...

Good Morning, Friends...

Pro/Am BBQ & Deep fried Burgers
ABOVE: Podcast - I’m joined by my friend & frequent co-host Rick Crelia to talk about the Pro / AM BBQ competition that he recently participated in.
BELOW - Newsletter (may contain adult language) - Puke Pop-up review, THC Tour Test Run


Happy Wednesday! I Hope you’re having a great week so far! I do a food tour on Wednesdays, so I always look forward to that! Last week’s tour was bomb. Seven stops. So. Much. Food. I’m doing the exact same line-up of eateries this week. If you’re a local, and you’re not a fan of crowds, traffic, and limited parking, this is the time of year to come downtown. Take a tour with me, or just enjoy yourselves. A Wednesday night in November is mellow AF in downtown, and it’s beautiful down there, with all the twinkling lights and such. I’m still a big fan of downtown, and I really do encourage locals to take advantage of the “off season!”


Dawn and I went to the first-ever Puke pop-up at The Odditorium last night, and BOY HOWDY, it was frickin’ gooooooood! We got the Gut Bomb Burrito, and the dangerously unhealthy, deep-fried Barf Burger, and both were excellent! The Barf Burger was something particularly special in my opinion, as it featured a battered and “country fried” burger patty, smothered in thick white gravy & onions, on a soft, trashy, white bun. After the first bite, I was like, “daaaang,” and before I had even finished half, it was a contender for my Burger of the Year award. No joke. It was, like, if Jesus and the Devil collaborated on a burger. Sooooo goooood, yet, so bad for you! LOL

There are three more Puke Pop-ups scheduled at The Odditorium, every Tuesday night in November, so please try to stop by & say hey to Chef Ben Hester and his crew, who totally knocked it out of the park with their Puke inspired offerings!


The other fun thing I did yesterday was a test-run of my new THC Tour, and it was great! We visited 5 dispensaries and three restaurants in Downtown Asheville, and got tons of samples, and a real education in what’s what in the world of CBD, CBG, Delta8, 9 & 10, and THC-O! (Who knew there was so much to know!) Plus we had a slider, a slice of pizza, and some delicious curry along the way, and by the end, it was a little bit like Halloween, as we all came home with a grab bag of candy!

Please sign-up for a THC Tour if you wanna know all about what’s what out there! :)


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