Mar 16, 2022 • 21M

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SPECIAL: Live from The Odditorium w/ Chef Ben Hester

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ABOVE: On the Podcast - (Contains Adult Language) For the first time ever, I went into the field to record the podcast on site with Chef Ben Hester at The Odditorium.
BELOW: In the Newsletter (May Contain Adult Language) - GMF • ON THE PODCAST - Live from the Odditorium •


In an effort to add more texture to to my podcast, this one features an on-site interview I did with Chef Ben Hester in the notorious green room of The Odditorium! Before the interview he made me a an excellent breakfast, the pictures from the breakfast are featured below. Chef Ben is a very fun person, and an amazing cook! He won my Burger of the Year award for his Barf Burger, and my Meal of the Year award for the tasting he laid out for me to introduce me to his food. It’s really effing good! Get to The Odditorium if you can, and say hey to Chef Ben & his crew!


Before we popped into the green room for our interview, Chef Ben, who some of the staff call Coach, got behind the counter and took no time at all to put together an awesome breakfast for both of us! A bangin’ egg & sausage sando with hollandaise sauce and spinach, and a REALLY tasty hash brown thingy with cheese and ham and stuff!

That’s Chef Ben back there, whippin’ up breakfast like nuthin’! I’ll have to return for some of this Thic Ass Mac & Cheez! He describes it in the podcast, and it sounds awesome!

ABOVE: Bar-breakfast extraordinaire! The more breakfasty-type like these items are available for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Coach goes over Odditorium’s hours at about 8:15 of the interview above.

BELOW: Attention everyone everywhere: This is what one of these should look like.

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BELOW: Chef gave me this pastry to take home, and… good... lord… It was fantastic. His wife, Tamy, who is also a chef, made it and they carry her amazing goods at the bar. Super high recommends.

BELOW: Here’s the whole menu. It’s bigger than the last time I saw it, and it’s growing all the time according the Coach. I can personally attest to the pure deliciousness of this food. Stop in when you can!


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