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Good Morning, Friends

Booking Food Trucks for Your Hood or Business

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Stu Helm
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ABOVE: Podcast - This morning, I had a conversation with Catherine Wright, who books food trucks for her neighborhood! There’s a ton of great info here!
BELOW - Newsletter (contains adult language) - GMF, Onigiri Action 2021, Puke Pop-up, The Recommend.


Yesterday I took another trip to the doctor, so we’ll see how my dang cholesterol levels are! I had to fast for 8 hours before the blood got drawn, so I went first thing in the morning, after throwing one shot of espresso inside of myself. I decided to take the 40 minute walk to the doctor’s office rather than a Lyft. Maybe my cholesterol will get all sloshed around and kinda dissolve or something? We’ll see. In the meantime, everything else was all good, blood pressure, BMI, reflexes, mentals, check check check check, so I flipped ‘em my ACA card (Thanks, Obama! And Hummingbird Insurance ) and started hoofing it back downtown, looking forward to a big ol’ pile o’ biscuits ‘n’ gravy with a side of fried chicken, and weeeee little sliver of fruit! For real. However... plans… thwarted… WTF, Asheville? I could not find breakfast downtown! Ha ha! It was killin’ me! I was sooo hungry! It was just about 10am, and I couldn’t find a dang thing open! I mean… I didn’t exactly search high and low, because… too hungry went home… but I tried several spots! I could smell breakfast somewhere, but I didn’t see it! Gah! So please, please tell me where I should have gone. Who’s open early in Downtown Asheville? Who’s open earliest? Of course, yesterday was a Tuesday, which makes a diff, because so many places are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays… and Wednesdays… Killing me.

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From our good friends at Wakuwaku Eatery

Onigiri Action 2021 will be held from October 5th to November 5th.

Onigiri Action is an annual social campaign run by TABLE FOR TWO every autumn connecting the simple act of taking a photo with helping to feed school children in need.

Onigiri, also known as omusubi, nigirimeshi, or rice ball, is a Japanese food made from white rice formed into triangular or cylindrical shapes and often wrapped in nori. — Wikipedia

Every photo of onigiri, posted to the TABLE FOR TWO campaign website or social media with #OnigiriAction helps provide five school meals to children in need around the world.

Since its launch in 2015, the Onigiri Action campaign has provided 5.4 millions school meals.

How to participate

photo of onigiri ©2021 wakuwaku eatery

Any photo related to an Onigiri is welcome!

1.Enjoy onigiri and take photos
2.Post your photo on the TABLE FOR TWO website or on your SNS with #OnigiriAction (and maybe with #waku2eatery)
3. School meals are delivered to children in need through TABLE FOR TWO

At WAKUWAKU Eatery, the following Onigiri are available.
Premium Obento
Obento (select Onigiri)
Onigiri (Plain, Ume, Tsuna Mayo, Menetai Mayo, Spam, Teriyaki Spam)



Just a reminder that the PUKE Pop-up at The Odditorium STARTS NEXT TUESDAY, and happens every Tuesday in November. Chef Ben Hester is gonna be serving up some DOPE-ASS Puke burgers and such. When he sends me the menu, I'll share it with you! This is the first of what could be many real pop-ups inspired by my imaginary punk rock restaurant, Puke.

May be a cartoon of text that says 'PUKE Stu Helm & Chef Ben Heter The poP poP-up eVery Tuesday in Nov ember WEST ODDITORIUM ASHEVILLE 5PM- 12am menu TBA.. goooood foooood! YES! FT'
ABOVE: This is what it looks like when your graphic-designer does not give a fuck. And that would be me.



I paid a visit to my friend Chef Alex Bax and his Feta Flav Greek food truck at the very last “Tasty Tuesday” hosted by Keller Williams Elite Realty yesterday, and I took home enough food to feed six people! LOL Not kidding.

ABOVE: Corrine Mandell from Keller Williams Elite Realty began arranging for food trucks to park in one of their various locations on Tuesdays, as a treat for the staff during the COVID year, and continued into 2021.

Chef Bax gave me one of everything on his menu, it was all fantastic, and I strongly recommend anything this Chef cooks, I want to specifically recommend the mushroom gyro here though. Yeah, that’s right, portabello mushrooms, cooked in a very dank and seriously herb blend, and with fresh veg & tzatziki in a very fresh pita. It was frickin’ GREAT. Whether you’re vegetarian or not, these mushrooms will satisfy. Very savory. I have to admit, my expectations were kinda low for this one, because, there was also, like, three kinds of meat, so who cares about mushrooms, right? But then BOOM. Chef Bax never lets me down.

points for presentation as well. like a delicious bouquet!



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