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Good Morning, Friends...

Sometimes Dreams Comes True...

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Y’alllll… my dang phone got busted. Plus my washer machine broke, my wood chipper stopped chipping wood, my air conditioner won’t turn on, and even my fucking coffee pot decided to leave this mortal coil! KHAAAAAN!!! It’s enough to make me wanna get off the grid forever and live among the squirrels & bears, eating nothing but acorns and discarded hiker trash, weaving my own clothes out of kudzu… and um… buying a new phone, fixing my dang washer machine, replacing my wood chipper, and air conditioner, and of course, perhaps most importantly, getting a new coffee pot. I’m addicted. To all of it.

Todays podcast and newsletter are all about dreams…


Sometimes dreams come true! And sometimes they don’t.

As many of you know, I have been all jazzed-up about a food pod that I have been offered a chance to brand and book. I wrote about it, and posted about it, and here’s a link if you you missed all that. Wellllll… that’s not happening. Not in the way that my partner and I had envisioned it, anyways. Everything was going great, but once we started to meet with The City and other large entities such as D.O.T. and Duke, things just got squarshed, and in the end the powers that be said we could park ONE truck there, and while we might still do that… that’s not a food pod, soooo… yeah, no. No food pod. I ain’t even mad at The City and other folks who we met with, because they were just doing their jobs and trying to keep everyone safe and shit, so no hate. You can listen to the podcast above for more.

As far as a dream that has come true, and is scheduled to come true again, Punk Rock Hot Dogs 2022 is fully booked with all 10 competitors and I have to say, it is a KILLER line-up!

Again, you can listen to the podcast above for more details, but make room on your schedule: July 30th, from noon - 2:00, at the Masonic Temple, located at 80 Broadway right in Downtown Asheville. Punk Rock Hot Dogs is the most fun, most crazy, and most LEGIT food competition in town! This year the theme is Goth.

Thanks to my partner and co-producer on this event, the one and only Shay Brown Events for making my Punk Rock Hot Dogs dream come true!


From the good folks at Well Seasoned Table


WHAT’S THE NEWS: Well Seasoned Table was named one of the recipients of the NC Idea Seed Grant!

WHEN: May 12, 2022 INFO: Local Candler, NC seasoning company, Well Seasoned Table, was chosen from 140 applicants as one of this year’s winners of the NC Idea Seed Grant. This farm-based company is thriving, and its focus on domestic, ethically sourced ingredients, as well as unique and delicious flavor profiles really set them apart. Products that have been recent favorites are their Magic Garlic Dust, Spice of Life “Everything” Seasoning, and Wild Reishi Hot Chocolate.

Contact Info:
Well Seasoned Table
Sarah Wickers, Founder
Katie McDonald, General Manager


From our good friends at Asheville Multicultural


Q: What makes Sabora Food Truck THE MUST HAVE HAMBURGER in Asheville?

Dear Asheville, today you are in for a treat! That’s right y’all, today I’m going to show you why Macario Jimenez [pictured below] and his food truck SABORA are a place you gotta try. Not long ago, on a beautiful Friday night my friend and supporter for highlighting our international food scene in Asheville, Stu Helm, aka The Food Fan, accepted my invitation to try what I believe to be the best freaking hamburger from a food truck in town.” - Luis Carlos “Lucho” Serapio

The guy behind this concept is a truly talented individual from Puebla, México, and yes, he is kicking ass making the MOST AMERICAN OF ALL MEALS, HAMBURGERS!

Take a look at our video!



I highly recommend the pastrami Reuben form The Rhu bakery downtown. Holy muhfuhckin’ moly. The bread was stellar of course, and all the inner ingredients were of the highest quality, either made in-house or sourced locally. If you have not been to The Rhu bakery for breakfast or lunch, or to bring home bread and pastries, get on over to 10 South Lexington Ave right downtown. They are open Thursday through Monday, 9am - 4pm. I have always loved The Rhu, and I still do!

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