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Today’s podcast is a full-length episode of the Food Fans Radio Show, which airs every Friday and Saturday on WPVM 103.7fm, Asheville’s Progressive Voice of the Mountains! Topics covered in this episode are, in order: Sawhorse, 67 Biltmore Avenue Downtown, Red Ginger Dimsum & Tapas, Stoney Knob Cafe w/ Lucho from Asheville Multicultural, Rocky's Hot Chicken Shack, 12 Bones BBQ, Twisted Laurel Asheville, Isa's French Bistro, Buxton Chicken Palace, and Typhoon Noodle.

Today’s Newsletter has some food news, a cooking class, a tasty recommend, an endorsement, and of course, Punk Rock Hot Dogs 2022 updates!


Cappuccino, Y’all. That’s the recommend. I’ve got three fave Cappuccino spots right now, based in part on the cappuccino itself, but also on location and comfort levels. First is Double D’s Coffee & Desserts (aka the Double Decker Coffee Bus) They make a killer cappuccino there, and I get one after almost every food tour I lead. Strong, but not bitter, hot and foamy! Don’t underestimate the quality of the espresso drinks coming out the bus, Y’all! They use Notorious Roasting brand coffee located in Madison County, NC! Next is the Summit Coffee in The Grove Arcade. It’s a tiny space, and on a hot day, when the AC is working, it’s like a fucking meat locker in there. Yay! They also make an excellent cappuccino, and I get one before almost every tour I lead.

Finally, I popped into Trade & Lore Coffee the other day, for the first time since pre-pandemic, and it was great! Gahd, I missed this place, and they have not had the interior open to custys in a long-ass mf’n time, so it felt like a friggin’ homecoming. I saw one of my fave people in the coffee scene, I sat on a seat with a cushion, in a room with no windows, feeling the cool breeze of the fans and moderately cranked AC. I was in café heaven, and the cappuccino (pictured above) was manna to my feckin’ leps.

So, yeah, I know it’s hot outside, but get yourself into some AC and enjoy a fantastic cappuccino at one or all of these three great venues, or any of the great cafes around town, and in WNC! YAY CAPPUCCINO!!!


Dawn and I had a very unique, thoroughly enjoyable, and super-delicious experience last night with Liisa and John of Cottage Cooking! They invited us to check out their cooking classes and, I admit I was reluctant, because it’s not the type of thing that Dawn and I would typically do, but I said yes, and boy howdy! I’m real glad that I did! It was a lot of fun, John is hilarious and Liisa is his perfect counterpart, bantering with him and poking fun while he makes dead-pan jokes, and teases her & the guests!

We didn’t have to do hardly any prep work, and what we did do was fun, easy, and useful! We learned new cooking techniques we will use for the rest of our lives, no joke!

We made gougeres (aka cheese puffs), salmon en papillote w/ lemon dill sauce on Brussels sprout hash with shallots & bacon, and crème brûlée for dessert! Wow! Everything tasted great and the class itself was simple, fast-paced, and a groovy way to learn some new cooking techniques! The classes are small, 6 max, and we had great company with some really nice folks from Hendersonville & Mills River. High recommends for Cottage Cooking! ❤️🔥🤘


SALADS & SUCH (continued)

No, you haven’t lost your mind. You’re not seeing things. I went to Buxton Hall Barbecue and got salad… with a side of fruit. Am I trying to eat healthier? Yes. Am I suffering? Hehhhhlll no. These two dishes were just amazing! I especially love that watermelon with chili bbq rub on it! And this salad was 100% bomb, with shaved fennel, fresh, local strawberries, local goat cheese, sunflower seeds, and a light, delightful dressing. I shared these with Dawn and we were both super-impressed! 🔥❤️🤘


Dawn & I had an absolute blast at the opening party for the Chow Chow Asheville Culinary Event Series! There was a ton of great food, plus loads of friendly faces! Good times!!! The next Chow Chow weekend is happening in August, so please check their schedule, and get your tickets now, before they sell-out! ❤️🔥❤️🔥


Y’all. Voting is super-necessary right now, and I wanted to let you know that I officially endorse & support Jasmine Beach-Ferrara for NC-11! I have donated to her campaign, and encourage you to look into her, and do the same if you can. She's running for the office that Madison Cawthorn (booo!) just lost in the primary, and her opponent in November will be Chuck Edwards (BOOOOO!!!).

I've met Jasmine in person and she's a very smart, thoughtful, straight-forward, and purpose-driven individual, who will work hard to make WNC a better place for everyone, no matter what their political affiliation. She’s a good person, and the kind of person that I’d like to see in congress.




Tickets to Punk Rock Hot Dogs 2022 are on sale now, and available HERE.

1 ticket admits 2 people who share 10 hot dogs & cast 2 votes in the People's Choice.

2022 Competitors: Mother Ocean Market Asheville, Sand Hill Kitchen, Pupuseria Paty Asheville, Storm Rhum Bar and Bistro, Bear's Smokehouse BBQ, The Odd, CREAM WORKS, Bigfoot-Longs, Asheville hot dogs, and Huli Sue's BBQ and Grill

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